What to Expect:

No person is alike. That is why we all deserve our own personalized formulas for healing. I first offer an initial consultation and ask many questions in order to paint a picture of your healing story. Together we will come up with a protocol, and you will receive guidance around your physical dis-ease along with nutritional and lifestyle alterations. We will make a formula according to your needs and desires whether it be an extract, tea, flower essence, or a combination.

*All extracts are made by me, and are potently filled with intention, love, and care. All herbs are either sustainably wildcrafted or cultivated. If you are just interested in an extract, without a consultation, knowing what is it you want, as a single extract or formula, feel free to contact me as well.


Initial 2-Hour Consultation: $100

Follow-up 1-Hour Consultations: $65

Medicine (in tincture form): $9/oz

I will consider sliding scale/reduced rates on a case-by-case basis, based on need. Please get in touch and let’s discuss! No one is turned down due to lack of funds!

All consultations are offered in person or via phone/skype.

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